We believe and teach that the presence and power of God should be ever present in the home as well as in us in addition to the church. It must first start in the home........ 

We meet regularly in each other's homes as well as publicly and practice teaching the sanctity of marriage, teaching couples they are one-flesh, have made a covenant and teaching unconditional love to couples, as they learn to work through their problems so the Church can go out and spread the Good News with power that Jesus Christ has the answer in rebuilding and reigniting love back into all marriages the same as he reconciled us unto Him.

Fellowship Locations

Come join a home fellowship group in your area. Pastor Fred always says "how can you say you love me as a brother and don't even know the color of my couch."


Fred and Norma are always ministering under a local church body. Come join a corporate setting and feed on the Word of God about your marriage and Gods original design for couples.

Our ministry focus has always been and remains to this day "couple to couple" counseling. This means we come to the home or often have you come to our home and minister the Word of God in healing to your marriage. Norma and I strongly encourage the gathering of believers together to break bread and minister one to another, cultivating a strong presence of God in our homes as well as the corporate church gathering .

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Fred & Norma Aguilar